Introducing Teresa

Hi, I’m Teresa and I run the group. This means I am the “principle investigator” and set the direction that the lab follows. In reality though, the thing I like most is actually discussing with each member of the team, what it is they want to work on and aligning our scientific questions so that everyone is happy.

I’ve been at Imperial College since 2011, when I started my postdoc training with Prof. David Holden. Having done my undergraduate degree and PhD at the University of Cambridge, it means all of my scientific training and career has been based in the UK. This wasn’t a conscious decision at the start but it turns out London is a fun place to live.

Since establishing the lab in 2018, I have learnt a few things. First, the people in the lab are the most important thing. Your happiness is my happiness and your success fills me with pride. Second, it feels so amazing to run a western blot after months of writing a grant and sending emails. Third, I still suck at running western blots.

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